ARUZIA Litters      

2018 the DesertWinds Aruzia litter,  breeders Wendy Merendini and Lorrie Scott

Aspen & Vivian (4 females)

DesertWinds Aruzia Fun Under The Bright Lights "Neon" owner Wendy Merendini.  (updated April 21, 2019)

DesertWinds Aruzia Fun In The Moonlight "MaryRose" owner Wendy Merendini.  (updated April 21, 2019)

DesertWinds Aruzia Fun Times At Hemlock Hollow "Jolly" owner Christine Danker.  (updated April 21, 2019)

DesertWinds Aruzia Fun With Tahoe's Skye "Skye" owners Steve & KC Artley.  (updated April 21, 2019)

2016 Aspen x Opal (1 female)

                  Aruzia Flying Solo CGC"Angel" (updated January 21, 2019)

2015  the Joyous-Gard Aruzia litter (1 males, 6 females)  breeders Joy Windle and Lorrie Scott

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Odyssey "Circe" owners Joy Windle.  (updated December 30, 2017)

GCHB Aruzia Joyous Pennyroyal at Rivervue "Penny" owner Virginia Jones.   (updated April 8, 2019)

GCH Aruzia Joyous Ruisseau Royale At Rey, CGC "Brooke" owner Kathleen Novotny. (updated August 27, 2018)

GCH Aruzia Joyous Royal Moon at Maskova "Cali" owners Joy Windle & Elisabeth Szymanski.   (updated September 20, 2017)

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Romance at Maskova "Vivian" owner Elisabeth Syzmanski.  (updated March 23, 2017)

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Watch Her, CA  "Opal" owners John & Lorrie Scott.  (updated July 20, 2018)

Aruzia Joyous the Royal One "Olaf" owners John & Lorrie Scott.   (updated January 12, 2016)

2014  the Hemlock Hollow Aruzia litter (4 males, 7 females)  breeders Christine Danker and Lorrie Scott

CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Enjoy the Journey, RN, RA, NAJ, NJP   "Joy"    (updated March 30, 2019)

Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Midnight Journey   "Victoria"   (updated July 5, 2015)

GCH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey Into Imagination, JC, CA  " Pia"   (updated February 6, 2018)

CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey Towards Daylight, CA   " Asleigh(updated October 24, 2017)

CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey Across Time, JC, SC, SCN   " Sherlock"   (updated April 19, 2019)

CH Hemlock Hollow Journey To Rule Sixty Two, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, RN, BN, JC, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, MXJ, MX, MXB, MJB, TKA, DJ  "Whimsy "  (updated April 17, 2019)

CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia The Journey Continues, JC   "Archie"   (updated February 27, 2019)

GCH DC Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey To Tahoe, CGC, RN, JC, SC, BN, FCH  "Joe(updated Aprill 14, 2019)

GCH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Desertwinds Journey, CGC, JC, RN, RA, RE, BN  " Vivian(updated April 21, 2019)

Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Sentimental Journey, JC  "Watson"   (updated February 6, 2018)

Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Enchanted Journey to JAG  "Ella"   (updated March 30, 2019)

2014   Frosty x Lana (1 female)

Aruzia Sylvan One Frosty Morning, CGCA, RN  "Gracie"   (updated September 12, 2017)

2010  Frosty x Pebbles (4 males, 4 females)  

CH Aruzia Joyous Moondance, JC  "Phoebe"    (updated 27 November 2016)

CH Aruzia Ridgeside Champagne Moon at Joyous Gard, CGC "Eddy (updated 27 November 2016)

GCH Aruzia Moonstone of Rivervue   " Stoney(updated June 21, 2016)

GCH Aruzia Bright Moon Over Tahoe, CGC, JC, SC, RN, BN, CD, RA   " Clint(updated 9 June 2015)

CH Aruzia Conundrum Over The Moon   "Connie(updated 6 March 2014)

Aruzia Moonlite No Other  "Minnie(updated 10 March 2014)

Aruzia Knightly Moon "Buck"

Aruzia Blizzard

2007  Chevy x Heidi (2 males, 1 female)

GCH Aruzia Ridgeside Marquee    "Lucy"   

Aruzia Ridgeside Encore   "Ricky"

Aruzia Ridgeside In the Spotlight  "Forrest"

2006  Chevy & Heidi (1 male)

RBIS MBISS silver GCH Aruzia Priority One, JC, CGC, ROMX-C  "Frosty"

2002  Rush & Pavanne (3 males)

Aruzia Blew By You, RN   "Manny"

Aruzia Blew Thunder, RN, JC, CGC    "Jack"

Aruzia Rush in Blew  "Moe"

1999  Rush & Aruzia Flying Sky High (4 puppies)

Int/Mx/Am CH Aruzia Luck of Luxor JC  "Magnus"

1999  Rush & Pavanne (1 male, 1 female)

CH Aruzia Joyous Nitefire Dance JC RN CGC  "Tigger "

1995  BIS Am/Can CH Reggae's Tahoe Barbera Drew FCH & Smudgie   (3 males)

Int/Mex/Am CH & FC Aruzia Seattle Blew JC SC  "Rush" 

CH Aruzia Tahoe Citation JC   "JR"

Aruzia Gallant Fox   "Charlie"

1993  CH Sky Run's Along For The Ride   &    Pearl   (1 male, 1 female)

Aruzia's Flying Sky High   "Hope

Aruzia's Frequent Flyer

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