GCH Aruzia Bright Moon Over Tahoe, CD, CGC, JC, SC, RN, BN, RA

sire: RBIS MBISS GCHS Aruzia Priority One JC, CGC, ROMX-C

dam: GCH Borscana Coyote Latrans JC, ROM-C

white and gold spotted male   August 13, 2010   HP38370806    pedigree

CERF BZ-350901   OFA BZ-DM498/15M-VPI (clear)   OFA cardiac: BZ-CA1021/24M/C-VPI-ECHO

BZ-TH614/27M-VPI   CHIC #86111

Breeders:  Lorrie & John Scott  (Aruzia)       Owners:  Steven & K. Carol Artley (Tahoe)

Nine year old Clint is pictured at the top of the page with his breeder Lorrie. We recently celebrated Clint's 11th birthday. Pictured below at 11 years old, in his favorite recliner

Clint's performance career: Clint started obedience classes as a puppy. He passed his Canine Good Citizen test as a puppy to earn his first title. March 25, 2012 Clint earned his Junior Courser title, his first time coursing. April 28 and 29, 2012, Clint won his first point at AKC lure coursing trials, and earned his first two legs for his Senior Courser title. September 29, 2012, Clint tied for second place out of 11 open borzoi, earning 2 points and his third Senior Courser leg. September 30, 3012, Clint finished his Senior Courser title. October 10 and 15, 2012, Clint earned two legs for his Rally Novice title. November 11, 2012, Clint finished his Rally Novice title in 3 trials, owner handler and trainer KC Artley.

January 5 and 76, 2013 at the DDTC trials, Clint earned his first two legs for his Beginner Novice title. May 14, 2013 Clint finished his Beginner-Novice (BN) title at the BCOA specialty in Lancaster PA.

August 31, 2014, Clint earned 8 ASFA points and a first placement. October 5, 2014, Clint won a 3 point major in AKC coursing. October 19, 2014, Clint won 2 points in AKC coursing, but was attacked and bitten. After that, Clint refused to run with a strange dog, and would only lure course with his kennel mates. So ended his promising career as a lure courser.

January 4, 2015, Clint earned his first leg for his Companion Dog (CD) title. February 13 & 14, 2015 at the Hamilton Ohio trials, Clint finished his CD title.

July 11, 2015 Clint earned his first leg for his Rally Advanced (RA) title at the Dayton DTC trial. August 8, 2015 Clint earned his second leg for his RA title at the Warren County Ohio trial. August 14, 2015 Clint finished his RA title at the Queen City DTC trial. Clint earned one RE leg, October 2, 2015 at the Hamilton trial. Clint has been on the Dayton Dog Training Club's demo team for several years, and enjoys showing off his obedience skills and having children pet him.

Clint's journey to his Championship: Clint's first show was the 2011 BCOA National Specialty in Kansas. Clint was shown in the Futurity and the regular 6 - 9 month class and got 4th place in both. Futurity judge was Robin Casey (pictured) and regular judge was Amy Sorbie.

May 30, 2011 Clint won his first point from the 9 - 12 month puppy class at the Cincinnati show, judge Mrs K Meredith-Cavanna, handled by KC. April 22, 2012 the one year old Clint, won 2 points at the Central Ohio show, judge Judith Newton, owner handled by Steve.

April 20, 2013 Clint won a 4 point major at the Medina Ohio show, handled by Steve, judge Michael Sosne. May 25, 2013 Clint won one point at the Warren County Ohio show, judge Robert Frost, handled by KC. June 23, 2013 Clint won Winners Dog and Best Opposite Sex over a male special for a 3 point major at the Berrien show, judge Donald Gill, handled by KC. August 16, 2013 Clint won a point at the Anderson Indiana show, judge Dale Simmons, handled by Steve. August 17 and 18, 2013 Clint won a point each day at the two Clairsville Ohio shows, judges Jon Cole and Eugene Blake, handled by KC. September 15, 2013 Clint won the final point for his CH, judge Bonnie Clarke, handled by Steve.

Clint's career as a Special: Clint won a four point major with a Best of Breed win September 16, 2013 at the Licking River club show, judge Jerry Watson, handled by KC.  Clint won Best of Breed October 12 for a 5 point major over two specials, judge Ray Filburn, handled by Sherri Wilmoth. October 13 2013, Clint won Select Dog for a point at the Mad River Valley Ohio show, judge Sharon Krogh, handled by KC. . October 27, 2013 Clint won Select Dog over male specials for one point at the Delaware Ohio show, judge Robert Frost, handled by KC.

November 13, 2014 Clint won Best of Breed over two male specials for 5 points, handled by KC, at the Sandusky Ohio show, judge Roger Hartinger.

November 14, 2014 Clint won Best of Breed over three male specials for a 5 point major at the Dayton Ohio show, handled by Helen Fraga, judge Bettyanne Hale.

April 19, 2015 Clint won 2 points for Select Dog at the Medina show, judge Nancy Bodine, handled by KC. June 13, 2015, Clint finished his Grand Championship (GCH) with a 5th major, at the Echo Hills Ohio show, handled by Steve, judge Linda More. Clint defeated other specials 7 times, during his short career.

Puppy Clint: 6 months old

5 month old


4 month old

Clint's littermates:      CH Aruzia Conundrum Over the Moon  "Connie" 

CH Aruzia Joyous Moondance JC  "Phoebe"

CH Aruzia Ridgeside Champagne Moon at Joyous Gard CGC "Eddy"

GCH Aruzia Moonstone of Rivervue   " Stoney"

Aruzia Knightly Moon   "Buck"

Aruzia Moonlite No Other   "Minnie"

Aruzia Moon Blizzard

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