CH Aruzia Joyous Moondance JC ROM-C

sire: RBIS MISS GCHS Aruzia Priority One JC, CGC, ROMX-C

dam: GCH Borscana Coyote Latrans JC, ROM-C

white and gold spotted female    August 13, 2010 - February 13, 2019    HP38370805   pedigree

CHIC #96106   CERF BZ-367548     BZ-CA963/18F/S-PI-echo

Thyroid (May 2013) Equivocal    BZ-DM454/13F-VPI-CAR

Breeders:  Lorrie & John Scott (Aruzia)    Owners:  Joy Windle  (Joyous Gard) & Lorrie Scott

4 weeks old

Phoebe and Connie 4 weeks old

7 weeks old

3 month old Phoebe with her great grandfather, 11 year old Tigger

   with brother Stoney

Phoebe's journey to her Championship: 6 month old Phoebe started her career, winning BOS puppy at the BCDV match.  Judge Jack Secrest.      Handler & co-owner Joy Windle.   Phoebe lives with Joy Windle and Phoebe's litter brother Eddy.



June 18, 2011, Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley Club. Best In Sweepstakes, judge Linda Deutsch, handler Ron Williams.


Phoebe earned her first points from the 9-12 month puppy class August 12, 2011, at the Penn Ridge club show, judge Betty Stenmark, owner-handler Joy Windle.


Phoebe took the winter off to mature.  Pictured January 2012, on the ice coated patio table, Phoebe is again, demonstrating how agile she is.


At the 2012 Borzoi Club of America's National Specialty, Phoebe won third in a large Bred-By Exhibitor class. Pictured with judge Patti Neale, breeder-owner-handler Lorrie Scott, and owner Joy Windle.




Phoebe won first in her Futurity class at the 2012 BCOA National Specialty, judge Jana Brinlee, breeder-owner-handler Lorrie Scott


Phoebe is pictured at the 2012 BCOA National Specialty on the banks of the Columbia river in Washington state with breeder-owner-handler Lorrie Scott.

July 28, 2012, Phoebe won Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex over two bitch specials, for a point at Lackawanna, judge Mrs R D Smith.

August 5, 2012, Phoebe won Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for a 3 point major, at the Hunterdon Hills, New Jersey show, judge Carol Reisman, handler Ron Williams.

Phoebe won her second three point major September 23, 2012 at the BCDV supported entry at Valley Forge.  Phoebe is pictured with judge Robert Frost and handler Elisabeth Szymanski.


Phoebe won Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex for a four point major on November 24, 2012 at the Chesapeake kennel club of Maryland, judge Carol White-Moser, handler Ron Williams. November 25, 2012 Phoege won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 2 points at the Upper Marlboro show, judge E A Thielen.

December 1, Phoebe earned her Junior Courser title.

December 15, 2012 Phoebe won her fourth major to finish her Championship at the Lehigh Valley PA show. Pictured with judge Randy Garren and owner Joy Windle.

Phoebe's career as a Special: February 24, 2013, Phoebe'won a 3 point major over other specials at the Rockland kennel club of New York show. Phoebe is pictured with judge Carol White-Moser, handler Ron Williams.

March 13, 2013, Phoebe wins Select Bitch for one point at the York PA show, judge Kent Delaney.

April 20, 2013, at the PVBC supported entry in Virginia, Phoebe won BOS over 12 bitches for a 5 point major.  Phoebe is pictured with judge Monica Canestrina and handler Elisabeth Szymanski.

June 15, 2013 Phoebe won Select Bitch for a 3 point major at the Bryn Mawr show, judge Elliott Weiss, handler Ron Williams. June 16, 2013 Phoebe won BOS for a 3 point major at the Bryn Mawr show, judge Klaus Anselm, handler Elisabeth Szymanski. Phoebe was then retired to have a litter. She had 17 GCH points, 4 majors and 5 wins over specials.

Phoebe's only litter was born April 15, 2015. The six girls and one boy were sired by GCHP Raynbo's Run for the Roses.

Phoebe's children: Six of Phoebe's offspring finished by 2 years of age earning Phoebe a BCOA Registry of Merit title. Her litter consists of:

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Odyssey "Circe"

BISS GCHS Aruzia Joyous Pennyroyal at Rivervue "Penny"  Multiple Group 1 Winner.

GCHB Aruzia Joyous Ruisseau Royale At Rey, CGC "Brooke"

GCH Aruzia Joyous Royal Moon at Maskova "Cali"

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Romance at Maskova "Vivian"

CH Aruzia Joyous Royal Watch Her, CA "Opal"

Aruzia Joyous the Royal One "Olaf"

Sadly Phoebe passed away in 2019 of osteosarcoma, leaving a huge hole on Joy's heart. We are all grateful to have her amazing kids.

Phoebe's littermates are:     CH Aruzia Conundrum Over the Moon  "Connie"

GCH Aruzia Moonstone of Rivervue   " Stoney

CH Aruzia Ridgeside Champagne Moon at Joyous Gard CGC "Eddy"

GCH Aruzia Bright Moon Over Tahoe CGC JC SC RN BN CD RA  "Clint"

Aruzia Knightly Moon   " Buck

Aruzia Moonlite No Other   " Minnie

Aruzia Moon Blizzard

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