DesertWinds Aruzia Fun Under The Bright Lights 

sire: GCHB Konza-Plum Creek Alfa Romeo At Aruzia, CGC, CA "Aspen"

dam: GCH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia DesertWinds Journey, CGC JC RE BN "Vivian"

Born October 23, 2018

      White & red sable spotted female   HP56857701   pedigree

Breeders/Owners:  Wendy Merendini & Lorrie Scott   

Neon is pictured in 2021 with her house mate Bodie.

"Neon" is pictured below at 17 months old with her sister Rosie.

Neon is pictured below at 1 year old, playing with Rosie during a rare snow storm at their desert home.

Neon relaxing on her bed

Neon (left) with Rosie (center) and Vivian (right) watching TV

"Neon" is pictured below at 5 months.

4 month old Neon, sharing a bed with his dam

Neon is pictured at 12 weeks.

11 week old Neon

9 week old Neon.

Neon at 6 weeks with his dam Vivian.

Neon 4 weeks old.

Neon 1 day old.

Neon lives with her sister Rosie  in California. Her other litter mates are  Skye  who lives in Ohio and   Jolly who lives in New York. Pictures by Wendy Merendini.

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