DesertWinds Aruzia Fun At Hemlock Hollow

sire: GCHB Konza-Plum Creek Alfa Romeo At Aruzia, CGC, CA "Aspen"

dam: GCH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia DesertWinds Journey, CGC JC RE BN "Vivian"

Born October 23, 2018

      self red female with white feet and white on her neck.   HP56857704   pedigree

Breeders:  Wendy Merendini & Lorrie Scott   

Owners:  Christine Danker, Paul Danker, Lorrie Scott

Jolly is picture above at 2 1/2 years old

One year old "Jolly" is pictured below, sitting with a toy.

playing in the snow

"Jolly" is pictured below at 5 months, having passed her graduation test at her first training class.


Jolly at 8 weeks.

Jolly at 6 weeks. Picture 1 is Jolly and MaryRose.

Picture 2 is Jolly and MaryRosa playing with their dam's tail, with Skye on the bed watching.

4 week old Jolly with her dam. 1 day old Jolly is the larger of the 2 pups.

Jolly's litter mates are Neon  and  MaryRose and Skye

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