CH Hemlock Hollow Aruzia The Journey Continues, JC

sire:  CH Aashtoria Aruzia Java Chip ROM-C

dam: MBISS GCH Borscana Melissa Loveletter, JC, OAJ, BN, RE, OJP, ROMX-C

white & gold spotted male  December 5, 2014    HP48679407     pedigree

OFA Health Clearances, all clear/normal:  BZ-EYE288/13M-PI     BZ-DM1160/12M-PI (clear)

cardiac: BZ-CA1338/13M/P-VPI-ECHO      BZ-TH864/13M-PI     CHIC #110986

Breeders: Christine Danker & Lorrie Scott

Owners: Lorrie and John Scott

Archie is pictured above at 3 years of age, photo by Patti Neale.

Archie's children: Archie sired one litter. GCH Morozova Rey's California Poppy was handled to her titles by breeder-owner Janet Adams. Littermate GCHB Morozova Rey's Sky Pilot has multiple specialty wins, group placements and many breed wins. Pilot is owned by Cynthia and Robert Jabour and his breeders Kay Novotny and Janet Adams. Dam of this litter of 5 pups is GCHS Morozova Sierra Sunrise At Rey JC ROM-C.

Archie's journey to his Championship: 7 month old Archie is pictured winning Reserve Winners Dog at the July 2015 Borzoi Club of California specialty, judge Paula Nykiel, breeder-owner handler Lorrie Scott.  Archie was also awarded Best Male in Sweepstakes at that show, sweeps judge Cynthia Gredys. 

October 29, 2016, Archie was Winners Dog for one point at the Kennel Club of Riverside shows, judge Elena Edwards.

He won 2 points November 5, 2016 at the San Gabriel Valley show, judge Eva Berg and 2 points November 6, at the Antelope Valley show, judge Christine Erickson. January 6, 2017 at the Inland Empire Hound show, judge Ron Lukins awarded Archie a 5 point major from the Bred-By class, handled by Lorrie Scott. January 7, 2017 at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs show, judge Robert Paust, awarded Archie won a 4 point major from the Bred-By class (1 male short of a 5 pointer), handled by Lorrie. January 8, 2017 at the Kennel Club of Palm Springs show, judge Janice Pardue,  Archie won a 5 point major from the Bred-By class, handled by Lorrie to finish his Championship with 3 majors, before 2 years of age.

Archie the Lure Courser: earned his Junior Courser title March 26, 2017. Archie is pictured as a yearling, lure coursing.  Photo by Patti Neale.

Archie's career as a Special:Archie started his specials career with one GCH point win December 3, 2017 and a owner-handled group 3 at the Yuma Arizona show, judge Mrs M C Klinkowski. January 5, 2018 Archie won an Award of Merit at the Inland Empire Hound Club of Southern California specialty (38 borzoi), judge Mrs S Bownds.  January 7, 2018 Archie won Select Dog for a 4 point GCH major over 3 male specials and 7 class males at the Palm Springs CA show, judge R Brandt.  January 28, 2018 Archie was Best of Breed (15 borzoi) over specials, for 5 GCH points, at the Orange Empire show, judge Mrs P B Peat.  July 5, 2018, Archie won an Award of Merit at the Borzoi Club of California independent Specialty. Pictured with owner Lorrie Scott, judge Pam Lambie and handler Randi Boysen-Carl. He has 10 GCH points, 2 GCH majors and 2 wins over specials.

Archie is pictured July 2018 relaxing at his home.

Puppy Archie: 9 month old

6 months old

8 weeks old

1 day old

Archie's littermates:

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