"2017 BCOA Versatility Winner"

and "2018 BCOA Versatility Winner"

GCH DC Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey To Tahoe,


sire: CH Aashtoria Aruzia Java Chip ROM-C

dam:  MBISS GCH Borscana Melissa Loveletter, JC, RE, OAJ, BN, OJP ROMX-C

white male with black and tan spots   December 5, 2014    HP48679408    pedigree

BZ-DM1113/9M-PI (clear)   BZ-ACA346/69M-VPI   BZ-EYE416/69M-PI   BZ-TH920/69M-VPI    CHIC 118257

Breeders: Christine Danker (Hemlock Hollow) & Lorrie Scott (Aruzia)

Owners: Steve and KC Artley (Tahoe)

In May, 2022, Joe passed his Canine Good Citizen Advanced title for his 14th title. He continue to take classes on Scentworkk. October 16, 2021, Joe passed his Canine Good Citizen Urban test. May 25, 2021, at the BCOA National Specialty, Joe competed in the triathlon class of 14 (left picture). Joe finished his Companion Dog (CD) title with a second place in the Novice B class of 6. (Pictured below).


Joe is pictured in the Novice B class, doing the stand exercise, as the judge approaches him. The right picture is Joe doing the recall with a straight sit in front of KC.

April 30, 2021 Joe finished his Rally Advanced (RA) title. April 10, 2021, 6 year old Joe, places third out of 6 Field Champions, in the rain, at the Indiana club's AKC coursing trial. No points, but Joe earned Master Courser leg #21. March 20 - 21, Joe earned an LCX point at the AKC coursing trials in Lima Ohio. Joe also earned two Master Courser legs, placing second out of 5 field champions on Saturday, and tied for third out of 6 field champions on Sunday

September 30, 2020, Joe passed all his health exams again (heart, eye, thyroid). October 18, 2020, Joe tied for third place out of 10 field champions at the MBC trial. Almost 6 years old, Joe still has good follow, speed and agility, and can beat the much younger dogs. November 8, at the Lima kennel club's AKC coursing trial, Joe places third out of 5 field champions (all several years younger then him), earning Master Courser leg #18.

Joe's perforance career: Joe passed his AKC S.T.A.R. puppy test at 4 1/2 months.  September 29, 2015, 9 month old Joe earned his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title (pictured).

February 21, 2016 Joe earned his first Rally Novice leg at the Hamilton Ohio trial. February 27 Joe earned his second Rally Novice leg at the Columbus Ohio trial.

Joe at the 2016 BCOA National Specialty: Joe won first in his Futurity class, and fourth place in the 12 - 18 month regular dog class, owner handled. Joe finished his Rally Novice title April 12, 2016. Pictured with his litter sisters who also qualified in rally novice, Whimsy and Colleen Allen, Joe with KC, Vivian with Wendy Merendini, Joy with Chris Danker and trophy presenter Joy Windle.

May 7 & 8, 2016, first time coursing, with no practice, Joe earned his Junior Courser title. Joe started his ASFA lure coursing career December 10, 2016 winning 9 points and a placement towards his ASFA Field Championship.  He won 18 more ASFA points December 29 & 30, 2016.

He earned his first Beginner Novice leg January 8, 2017 at the Dayton Dog Trainng club trial.  He got a 194 and first place in the class for his second Beginner Novice leg, February 26, 2017, at the Columbus Ohio Training club trial. April 8 & 9, 2017 Joe went to his first two lure coursing trails. He won first out of 7 borzoi for a 3 point major and first out of 8 borzoi for a 4 point major at the ILCC AKC coursing trials in Munice Indiana.  Joe also earned his first and second legs for his Senior Courser title. April 15 and 16, 2017 Joe won 14 ASFA points and a first place, so has all needed placements for his ASFA Field Championship. May 16, 2017 Joe earned his Beginners Novice (BN) title at the BCOA National specialty with a 190. June 3, 2017 Joe won a point in AKC lure coursing, at the Northcoast club's Ohio trial. Joe competed in the Central Ohio coursing club's ASFA trials August 19 winning 8 points, and in the OKIGO's ASFA trial September 2, 2016 winning 6 points. Joe earned his Senior Courser title October 6, 2017, at the Midwest Borzoi Club's specialty trial in Ohio. Joe won 6 ASFA points November 25, 8 points December 16 and 8 points December 17, 2017. WIth his wins in conformaiton, obedience and coursing, Joe won the BCOA Versatility award for 2017. Coursing pictures by Joe Stewart.

April 8, 2018, Joe won his 9th point at AKC coursing at the ILCC trial. August 25 & 26, 2018 Joe won BOB both days at the OKIGO ASFA trials for a total of 20 points. September 8, 2018 Joe won 1 point at the WCLCC AKC lure coursing trial. September 15, 2018 Joe earned his first qualifying score for his Companion Dog (CD) title, at the Licking River Ohio trial. October 6, Joe won one point at OKIGO's AKC coursing trial. October 19 Joe earned his second qualifying score for his Companion Dog (CD) title at the DDTC trial. October 21, Joe won third place in a stake of 10 open dogs for 2 points at the MBC AKC trial in Lima Ohio. November 24, Joe finished his ASFA Field Championship. For 2018, Joe ended up ranked #9 in the country for AKC coursing, with 40 Bowen points. He only ran in 7 trials. He won the BCOA 2018 Versatility Award (for the second year in a row). In the 2018 BCOA rankings, Joe was #4 in AKC lure coursing and #8 in novice obedience.

April 6, 2019 Joe wins a point at AKC coursing at the ILCC trial. April 13, Joe tied for first place out of 5 open dogs at the COACH trial and that final point finished his AKC Field Championship (FC). Joe is now a AKC Dual Champion (DC). May 12 - 18, 2019 Joe competed in several events at the BCOA National Specialty. In ASFA lure coursing, he won 2nd out of 7 field champions. He earned a leg in rally novice, and his first leg in rally intermediate. He made the first cut in Best of Breed competition, handled by KC.

July 12 & 13, 2019 Joe earned his second and third legs, to complete his Rally Intermediate (RI) title, at the DDTC trials. October 5 & 6, Joe competed in A KC lure coursing at the OKIGO trials. Out of 10 Field Champions, Joe got 4th place on Saturday. On Sunday, out of 8 field champions, Joe was in a 3 way tie for first place. After the run-off, Joe was awarded third place and one LCX point. He also earned two Master Courser legs. October 19 & 20, 2019, Joe competed in AKC lure coursing at the MBC trials. Out of 9 Field Champions, Joe got 5th place on Saturday, and tied for second on Sunday, ending up with third place and one LCX point. He also earned two more Master Courser legs. He now has 14 MC legs and needs a total of 25 legs for the title. November 3, 2019, Joe earned his first leg for his Rally Advanced title at the Ft Wayne Indiana trial. November 9, 2019 Joe earned his second leg for his Rally Advanced title at the Columbus DTC trial. December 28 & 29, Joe earned 2 more Master Courser legs at the COACH trials in Hilliard Ohio, for a total of 16. For 2019, Joe was ranked #5 Versatility in the Borzoi Club of America.

Joe's journey to his Championship: September 13, 2015, 9 month old Joe won his first point from the puppy class at the Lafayette Indiana show, judge Susan StJohnBrown. February 13, 2016 Joe won a 4 point major at the Indianapolis show, judge Ralph Lemcke. March 12 & 13, 2016 Joe won 2 points at the Logansport Indiana shows, judges Sharol Way and John Wade. May 1, 2016 Joe won a point at the Fort St Clair Ohio show, judge Robert Hutton. July 2, 2016 eighteen month old Joe won Best of Breed over 3 specials for a 4 point major at the Lima Ohio show, judge Ken A Murray (pictured).

August 1, 2016 Joe won Best of Breed for one point, at the Marion Ohio show, judge Ellen Fetter. August 21, 2016 Joe won a point at the St Clairsville Ohio show, judge John P. Wade. August 27 September 17, 2016 Joe won Best of Breed and his final point to finish his Championship at the Licking River Ohio show, judge Judy Lowther. He was owner handled all the way by Steve and KC.

Joe's career as a Special: September 18, 2016 Joe won Best of Breed at the Licking River Ohio show for his first GCH point and Best of Breed, judge Joanne Buehler. February 11, 2017 Joe won a 5 point GCH major at the Central Indiana show, judge Paula Hartinger. June 17 & 18, 2017 Joe won Best of Breed for a 5 point GCH major and a 4 point GCH major at the Echo Hills Ohio shows, judges Michael Shoreman and Rosemary Shoreman. April 22, 2018, Joe won Best of Breed over 22 borzoi, including 3 specials for 5 GCH points at the Central Ohio show. May 26, 2018, Joe won Select Dog for 1 point at the Warren County Ohio show, judge Anne Bolus.   3 more GCH points won June 16 & 17, 2018 at the Echo Hills shows, judges Helene Nietsch and Lisa Warren.  Joe finished his GCH title August 15, 2018, with Best of Breed (pictured) at the Munice Indiana show, judge Sun Shu.  Along with the required 25 points, Joe won 5 GCH majors. He was always owner handled.

Puppy Joe: 9 months old

5 months old

12 weeks old

Joe moved to Ohio from Albany New York at 10 weeks old

Joe is pictured at 9 weeks, in northern New York state. He is the only black and white pup in his litter

2 weeks old

Joe's Littermates:

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