Aruzia Blew Thunder CGC JC RN

sire: Int/Mx/Am CH & FC Aruzia Seattle Blew JC SC

dam: Joyous Sky Run Pavanne JC SC

white male with red brindle spots     May 21, 2002 - July 21, 2014   HM99978903 pedigree

DNA profile V334140    OFA thyroid normal BZ-TH308/57M-PI

Breeders:  Lorrie Scott  & Joy Windle     Owners:  Randi Boysen-Carl & Lorrie Scott

Jack won 9 points, 1 major. Pictured is Jack winning Winners Dog over 18 class dogs from the Bred-By class, at the Borzoi Club of California Specialty October 30, 2004, judge Mrs T Powers. Jack was handled by his breeder, Lorrie Scott.  Jack  competed in AKC rally with his owner Randi Boysen-Carl.  His brothers are Tigger,   Moe  and Manny.   Jack shared Randi and Don Carl's house with Manny for 12 years.

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