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7 girls & 4 boys, born December 5, 2014.     pedigree      Recent Pictures      

Both parents are DM tested clear and have passed health tests.

sire:  CH Aashtoria Aruzia Java Chip ROM-C (owned by Christine Danker and Lorrie Scott) (health clearances on Java's page)

dam:  GCH Borscana Melissa Loveletter, BN, RE, OAJ, OJP, JC, ROMX-C (owned by Christine Danker, Hemlock Hollow)

(Melissa's health tests:  BZ-1564, BZ-CA1072/44F/C-PI-echo, BZ-DM562/30F-PI clear  ) 

1 week old

sable girl (orange collar) "A" and red Irish marked boy "B"

red Irish-marked boy "B" and self black/tan girl "C" and self cream-sable girl (orange collar) "A"

self ash-cream girl "D" and black & tan spotted boy (left side) "E"

gold spotted boy "F" and gray & tan spotted girl (right side) "K"

self red-sable boy "G" and two identical self cream-sable girls "H" and "I"

self red-sable boy (top) "G"  and self red-gold girl "J"

gray & tan spotted girl "K"

4 days old

1 day old

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